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Just got a hydra facial by Lisa and it was the best facial I have ever had. Lisa really takes the time to explain each process of the procedure so you know exactly what to expect. My skin looked so much more hydrated and supple afterwards plus her office is absolutely adorable and super clean. I highly recommend trying any one of her skin care packages. I will definitely be back for another hydra facial!!! Thank you Lisa. 

--Christina C. 

Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that as a man in his 50s, you have completely changed my life--your Hydrafacials are amazing. It has completely restored my skin. Your place is so comfortable, it’s clean, it’s immaculate, and you’re such a professional in what you do.  The Hydrafacials have completely removed all the blackheads I had on my nose which I have been struggling with my entire life, so I thank you. The moisturizing cream that you gave me that I take and actually apply every day has been absolutely amazing. I have people thinking that I’m in my 40s. I love it, thank you so much. I will continue as a man to get facials, especially the Hydrafacials, because they’re so amazing and absolutely worth it. 

--Jerry B.

Lisa, you were right! That Sorella is AMAZING! I love it so much! The watermelon mist feels so good and the blueberry lotion is to die for. It's the only thing that has been able to hydrate my skin without making it feel greasy and gross! Thank you for the recommendations!

--Deb P.

At sixty seven years old I was starting to see sagging and a few lines around my eye area. After starting Neova skin care things changed rapidly. No problem areas, whiteheads or large pores. They were gone! My face has tightened and the sags are not the first thing you see. I honestly think my skin looks better now than ever in my life. Then Lisa offered me a opportunity to try her new Mistral Radiancy machine. We tried it on my hands and my decollate which I have had serious sun damage on after spending my youth waterskiing. After only four treatments no more creases and the dark spots are nearly gone. I'm reversing my aging and it is so easy!

--Linda K.

After a dermatologist told me nothing could be done with all the bumps and lumps on my face from teenage acne, I searched online for an esthetician to see if I could find a solution to my rough skin. My skin was rough from sebaceous hyperplasia and milia and I was feeling ugly.


I made an appointment with Skin Essence and met Lisa, the owner. She took time with me to discuss my goals and recommended a glycolic peel. I started to feel immediate results. My skin was smoother, softer and has continued to improve with every visit over the last 2 years. She has also encouraged me to use several products at home as maintenance between appointments. 


Lisa’s advice: 

1. Be patient… this didn’t happen overnight! (My acne

     started at age 12 and I was mid-60’s when we started!)

2. Do your homework… cleanse, moisturize and use the

     products as recommended.


Lisa is warm and welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. She constantly takes advantage of educational opportunities to improve her skills and techniques and adds new services and products... after she has tried them herself! I no longer feel embarrassed about my skin. She has changed my outlook. 


I HIGHLY recommend her services.



Complete Transformation...


I have been seeing Lisa, the owner of Skin Essence, for a little less than a year now. I decided that I needed help for my adult acne and dry skin that I have been experiencing for years now. I have skin damage from all those years of sun bathing also and I knew it was time to get some treatment. I have tried so many things in the past, but nothing has worked.

I am happy to say that Lisa has completely transformed my face. My acne and dry skin are now under control and very clear. My skin now has that glow that I have always wanted. I have also been treated with the Mistral machine for age spots and I am happy to say that they are completely lightened and some are gone!

I love Lisa at Skin Essence and am a complete believer that it's never to late to get your skin healthy and looking beautiful! I believe in the Neova skin care products she uses and am so lucky that she has listened to my concerns and cared about helping me. I also use the Color Science makeup line, and that line is just the icing on the cake! I'm a dedicated client to Lisa and Skin Essence!!! Thank you!

--Nannette S.

Skin Essence is Fabulous...


Lisa was so kind and meticulous in reviewing my current skin care and any prior issues or concerns.  The whole process was an updated learning experience for me, especially considering all the latest incredible skin care techniques and products that Skin Essence has to offer.  I must say also, to take time out for oneself is truly a must do in our busy everyday lives.  To slow down and truly enjoy the benefits of a professional Facial plus learn how I can correct some of the drying and aging process using “Nevoa” DNA barrier accelerator was truly a special treat! Great product and results without injections or surgery is the road I wish to travel, and this is the place to receive just that.  The first week after my facial and applying “Nevoa  DNA barrier accelerator” in the evening and then under my foundation in the morning has already resulted in a much more moisture rich skin with numerous compliments already from family and friends. 


Skin Essence is like a one stop shop for the latest in skin technology, beauty and spa.  I love the fact that I can receive skin care in a relaxing atmosphere that is beautifully decorated with such a gentle and kind professional in Lisa and leave with make-up from “Colorescience” with built-in sun barrier.  Nothing left is unsaid except that I will definitely be returning as a repeat client and highly recommending Skin Essence to anyone looking for truly a professional skin care experience with results.


Lisa, thank you for giving me back beautiful skin that I can be proud of!



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