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Lisa-Logo-Design-newnew.png calculating and earning points! complicated loyalty rules!

Just some simple gratitude to our loyal clients.


Join us and receive:

* 50% off any service when you sign up
* 25% off a signature or express facial per year
* Surprise discounts all year long!
* Happy birthday freebie!

How it works:

Register on our website by creating an account, and complete the account profile area so we know who you are! Click on the icon at the top of our menu bar to start:



You'll be asked to log in or create an account. Just follow the prompts, it's really easy! All of your information is completely secure, and you can cancel your (free) membership at any time.

When you're done, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to use your new 50% off one signature or express facial (within the next 12 months). This is just our thank you for signing up! From there, you will receive codes for shopping promos and discounts throughout your membership, as well as 25% off any facial each year! No calculating and earning points! 

Now you can save your shipping and contact information, see a history of your purchases and book online all in one convenient and secure place! 

Yes! Sign me up!

Click on the icon at the top of our menu bar to start!

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